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Tel: 123.456.7890


We do not believe in red tape especially when it comes to short term funding - that's why we started CSBF Capital Partners 


A Simple and Transparent Process

We like to do deals, and we like to keep things simple. That's the underlying ethos behind CSBF Capital Partners and you will find that in our deals - we will look for a way to get the deal done.



The vast majority of our loans do not have personal guarantees and are not subject to external valuations. This means lower costs for borrowers and faster access to funds. 

Initial No Obligation Terms in 24 hours

We hold an initial meeting so we can understand the deal and your goals. It's essential for us to know what you want to do and why as it allows us to support you properly through the deal.


We know for some borrowers speed is essential. Our terms and feedback will be provided within 24 hours.



We will go through our internal credit process and issue a Facility Agreement. We do it all in house and we can do it quickly if you need us to. Our agreement is simple and jargon free.

Solicitors will then go through the legal due diligence. We take a pragmatic approach to our due diligence and you will be kept updated throughout.

Funds Released

We will always do what we can to fit in with your time frame so you have your funds when you need them. 

You will always have direct access to a member of the team for anything you need along the way. 


“Financing property transactions is part and parcel of my work. I was surprised to learn how easy it was to work with gifted people like Jourdan and Henry. Their knowledge and attention to detail have aided in bringing the transaction to closure in a short period of time. They were attentive and willing to take time to discuss my concerns and respond to all the questions I had in a timely manner. I am sure we will be working for them on many more transactions in the future.”



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