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Our Process 

Our Process is simple and transparent. we aim to ensure that our common sense approach dictates out decisions and allows us to see the way to get the deal done. 

The vast majority of our loans do not have personal guarantees and are not subject to external valuations. This means lower costs for borrowers.

Initial No Obligation Terms

In order for us to understand the background and your goals, we recommend an initial meeting (in person or virtual) for speed and clarity. We will provide our terms and feedback within 24 hours.

Facility Agreement

Next we undertake our internal credit process and issue a Facility Agreement.


The Facility Agreement is very simple to understand and we don’t hide behind jargon or small print.

Solicitors Instructed

Solicitors are instructed and the legal due diligence is undertaken. We take a pragmatic approach to our due diligence and will keep you updated throughout.

Funds released 

The loan is ready to be drawn.


This is often within days from the first terms being issued.