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Speed and Flexibility

We give all of our clients support and a service that is fast, friendly and efficient to get the funds they require.

Perhaps more importantly we aren't constrained by a tick-box mentality to lending like banks and other lenders. We can look at the merits of a deal and work to make it happen.


Direct Contact with Decision Makers

Our clients always speak  directly to decision makers. You will have direct contact details and regular communication.

This means we wont offer you things that we can't deliver. If we need something from you we'll just ask, and you can do the same. 

Highly Competitive Pricing

We run our own small business so we understand that everyone is price sensitive. We price fairly and we aim to keep your costs down where we can. We often do deals with no external valuations and no exit fees. 

Get to Know Us


We have been been running SMEs for many years so we understand what matters. Our team has decades of experience in funding, property and finance.


The team has a broad experience and having worked on all sides of the transaction we will take time to listen, understand and make sure we deliver on our promise.

You can contact any of our team on 

Tel: 020 7616 6608 
Email us:

Or complete the form below and we will contact you 

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