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Each client we work with is different, and so is every deal so we don't have a one size-fits-all approach. There are some core principles that we like to work towards when we look at a deal; most of the time we don't carry out external valuations, this saves you time and money in paying for external valuers and waiting for their report - our in house team as just as well qualified to do this. We generally do not ask for personal guarantees. We will always work to your time frames on a deal and provide fast access to funds where you need this. 

Perhaps most importantly for so many of our clients, we use our common sense approach, in our underwriting, in our communication, in everything we do.



Capital Raise - Luton

  • Raising capital to purchase an unrelated investment property 

  • £0.77m loan / 21% LTV​

  • Loan term of 3 months

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