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Capital Raising

Whether you are looking to raise additional funds for assessment or working capital, or for further investment, we can help. 


We work with a large number of borrowers who need short term funding. Often this is if you are waiting for planning (or other) permissions, looking to sell the property or have some sort of other exit route in the pipeline which needs some more time.

Development Finance

We work with developers all the time (in fact we are are also developers ourselves). Funding could be a loan for refurbishment or development on an existing or new site. We are also happy for funds to be drawn in stages if this is what you need. 

Auction Finance

We know that if you are buying (or in fact have already bought) in  auction speed is of the essence. Once you have exchanged the clock is ticking until completion. We are used to providing funds at speed (for all sorts of reasons), and can make sure you have what you need in good time. 

Development Exit 

We often see clients where a sale is taking longer than anticipated, or a project overruns and extra funds are needed, or their existing facility needs to be refinanced. We can do either (or both), and help you to refinance pending the completion and sale of the asset. 

Joint Ventures

CSBF is also happy, for the right deal, to work with borrowers to achieve solutions to deals which require outside of the box thinking. This has involved joint ventures with borrowers as well as a variety of other solutions. 


Often clients want to change their existing lender. This can be for different reasons, you might be looking to refinance onto a cheaper loan, or for a longer term. CSBF can look at refinancing an existing facility and we will always try and do this on more convenient, or more competitive terms.

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